Cambusa Wine Cabinet


127cm (254 cm con ante aperte) - 60 2 cm - H. 201 cm dimensione

Cambusa Wine is the cabinet designed by Giuliano Cappelletti for all lovers of good wine for the brand Riva 1920. Simple and elegant this wine cellar solves every functional need for order and space for bottles and glasses. Chosen for you by HQ.

Cambusa wine such as Cambusa cook solve so versatile and elegant needs of living space kitchen restaurants wine bars etc. The interior complements the division of space are in fact designed for their intended use and function. For all lovers of wine beer and spirits Galley is the perfect solution: the bottles have special compartments in the doors and inside where there are also goblets of different sizes. Shelves and drawers open up the possibility of accommodation of other small items. The compartments of the cabinet are also illuminated by a system of LED lights positioned over the entire height of the inner shoulder. Their power is automatic thanks to the opening of the door sensors that activate the LEDs. Secure the cabinet to the front before mounting the doors for greater stability and security.

Internal standard :
- Body of the cabinet with 2 drawers
- 2 pull-out shelves
- Opening with "Push - Pull"
-10 Rooms divided by fixed shelves
- Wooden grill rack with 56 compartments
- Internal LED illuminated for the entire height of the shoulder center
- 7 multi-purpose shelves in the door left
- 6 cups in the door right door profiles