Cambusa Wine Cellar Small


L. 77/154 cm - P. 60 2 cm - H. 201 cm dimensione

Cambusa Wine Small is the wine cellar designed by Giulio Cappelletti for Riva 1920 A movable function versatile and distinguished. Perfect for living but also in bar and restaurant.

The equipment and complements the interior of the small wine pantry are designed on the basis of their intended use and function which can also be customized in relation to the individual needs of each client. That small appliances usually present in a kitchen environment such as the coffee machine microwave cups glasses dishes as well as everything you need for lovers of wine or beer are placed in environments with ease unconventional thanks to the elegance of the furniture Galley. The large doors are the main feature of this piece of furniture: their structure allows to fix 18 glasses and objects of various sizes. The interiors of the cabinet are also illuminated by a system of LED lights positioned over the entire height of the inner shoulder. Their power is automatic thanks to the opening of the door sensors that activate the LEDs. The cabinet galley presented here in oak is also available in walnut and in all the woods in the Collection R1920.

info: for more stability and security before installing the cabinet doors of the series GALLEY is necessary to fix the body of the unit to the wall